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Academic Integrity - Courses
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Academic Integrity

Even if you’re familiar with general violations of academic integrity (plagiarism, copying, and so on), things can, and do, get complicated. This module will provide a basic definition of academic integrity and explain how to avoid plagiarism, cheating, and other academic integrity violations.

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Define academic integrity
  • List reasons for adhering to principles of academic integrity
  • Describe ways to avoid plagiarism
  • Identify behaviors that are considered intentional copying
  • List ways to avoid academic integrity violations when collaborating in groups
  • Identify examples of unauthorized study aids
  • Outline the procedure and consequences of academic integrity violations
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Review each page of the training and pass the quiz at the end with an 80 percent or higher to receive your certificate of completion.

Save your certificate!

Be sure to save a copy of your certificate before you close out the module. You will have the option to print or download your certificate as a PDF.